Beta Reading

A single read-through of your manuscript for readability, plot holes, consistency, and the general feel of the story. You will get back notes and recommendations along with my impressions.


$1 per 1,000 words

Series Bible

Every character, every location, every fictional creature, all in one easy-to reference file that I will update for you as your series grows. Never worry about accidentally resurrecting your hero’s grandmother again.


Initial creation (includes three books): $200

Additional books: $50

Fewer than three books in your series? Ask me about special pricing!

Blurb Writing

Yes, I will write your blurb for you. We’ll discuss your book, break down the important points together, and then I’ll craft you a blurb to help catch your readers’ attention. Rate includes two additional passes if needed.

Rate: $30


Proofreading includes reading for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. In addition, I will keep an eye out for any formatting gremlins.

Rate: $0.004/word

Copy Editing

Everything in a proofread, and then some. Copy editing includes reading for continuity, flow, and basic structure. Also includes light fact-checking.

Rate: $0.008/word

Content Editing

Spelling, punctuation and grammar is just the start. You get light fact-checking along with intensive, in-depth reading for content, flow and structure. Also includes an additional proofreading pass at no additional cost.

Rate: $0.014/word