Services and Rates


Not everyone needs the same level of intensity. Why pay for what you don't need?


Proofreading includes reading for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. In addition, I will keep an eye out for any formatting gremlins.

Rate: $0.004/word

Copy Editing

Everything in a proofread, and then some. Copy editing includes reading for continuity, flow, and basic structure. Also includes light fact-checking.

Rate: $0.008/word

Content Editing

Spelling, punctuation and grammar is just the start. You get light fact-checking along with intensive, in-depth reading for content, flow and structure. Also includes an additional proofreading pass at no additional cost.

Rate: $0.014/word

Edits don’t have to be torture, even when they’re detailed, thorough, and meticulous.


It takes a lot of brain to make the words go, and sometimes you just need someone else to sweat the small stuff. I've got you covered there, too.

Beta Reading

A single read-through of your manuscript for readability, plot holes, consistency, and the general feel of the story. You will get back notes and recommendations along with my impressions.


$1 per 1,000 words

Series Bible

Every character, every location, every fictional creature, all in one easy-to reference file that I will update for you as your series grows. Never worry about accidentally resurrecting your hero’s grandmother again.


Initial creation (includes three books): $200

Additional books: $50

Fewer than three books in your series? Ask me about special pricing!

Blurb Writing

Yes, I will write your blurb for you. We’ll discuss your book, break down the important points together, and then I’ll craft you a blurb to help catch your readers’ attention. Rate includes two additional passes if needed.

Rate: $30

* Minimum $15 charge for all services

Let’s Do This!

I can't wait to hear from you. Tell me all about your book and let me love on you.

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Liz is one of those editors who truly works with you to bring out the best in your story without asking you to compromise on author voice or stylistic choices.

Vanessa North

Liz is a joy to work with. She had edited several of my books, and always respected my voice. A stickler for details and grammar, I could count on her to catch my typos and poor choice of words!

Viki Lyn